Beaded Row Extension Method Online Training

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Manna Industries Online Hand-Tied Extension Certification takes you through a step by step process with our Owner Marcie Morris. Our course is designed for hairstylist that was to upgrade their skillset and become certified in Hand-Tied Hair Extensions. She shows you how to prepare, install, and take care of your clients Hand-Tied Extensions. She gives you all of her tips and tricks with about the method that she developed over the years.

Why You Should Take Our Course:

* Learn everything from installation to maintenance & how to properly educate your clients 

* The Best Teacher, Marcie Morris, who developed this unique technique specifically for Hand-Tied Hair Extensions from years of industry experience

*Earn 4 Continuing Education hours in Nebraska

What you will learn:

* You will know how to install, remove, and move up hand-tied extensions

*Learn how to color match, and customize the extensions for your clients head and their desired look

*Learn marketing insights on how to advertise and promote your services to clients

*Learn how to create dimension by color matching 

*Learn how to blend and form a seamless look for your clients, while making the extensions feel comfortable, healthy, and flawless

*Learn about all the essentials tools and techniques you will need to become a pro at hand-tied extensions

*Learn how to educate your clients on how to keep healthy and long lasting extensions